10-20 or 12-20 GRADE INFILL SAND

The natural, environmentally-friendly solution…..from Mother Nature

Quality you can depend on

TTII’s premium 10-20 or 12-20 grade infill sands are produced at only the best, quality-certified manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A. and Canada. When you buy residential/commercial sand infill from TTII you can trust that you are receiving a very specifically graded sand product – that exceeds the performance, percolation and safety standards for synthetic turf infilling. Our sands require little maintenance, and where pets are concerned – require only minimal clean up.

Target Technologies’ coarser-grade sands won’t pack and compress after installation – a big advantage for high traffic, back-yard installations. The sand granules spread and install easily and, due to their inert nature – don’t support insect inhabitation. When price is a concern – TTII’s coarser sands mean fewer pounds required for proper infilling, keeping you ahead of the game with the competition. Why invest extra dollars in a coated product? TTII’s residential/commercial sand infill provides the solution for your infilling needs – naturally.

Already know what you’re looking for?

TTII’s residential/commercial 10-20/12-20 infilling sands are the #1 choice for quality, value and – most importantly, safety. Our sands are non-toxic: pre-washed, dried and heat treated – and they provide an effective impact absorption rate. The coarser  gradations mean little to no dust is created during regular on-turf activities.   In the many years that silica sand has been utilized for artificial turf infilling, no cases of MERSA-staph infections have ever been attributed to the sand granules. As well, in the hot afternoon sun – TTII’s residential/commercial 10-20/12-20 infilling sands are cooler than some other alternate infill materials.

Available where you need it – conveniently packaged

sand_pictureTTII’s residential/commercial 10-20/12-20 infilling sands are available at a wide variety of locations, North America-wide in small bags, super sacs or in bulk.   Contact us for specific details on the sand origin nearest you.

(Minimum order 6 pallets)

Target Technologies’ (TTII) knows sand. Why? Well, in conjunction with Target Products/QUIKRETE we’ve been in the business of selling high-quality silica sand for more than 40 years – 36 of those years supplying silica sand infill to literally thousands of artificial turf sports fields in North America and the Caribbean. Sports field owners and operators know the value and performance attained by their athletes on sand-infilled synthetic turf – making silica sand the #1 infilling choice for many years running.  TTII is pleased to offer this natural, recyclable/reusable infilling product to the North American residential/commercial market place.

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