Abrasives (International wholesale only)

TARGET Supplies Sandblasting Abrasives

Target Technologies International (TTII) is proud to be part of the Target Group of Companies. Our parent, Target Products Limited, has been in the abrasive’s business for over forty years. Target Products supplies abrasive materials into the sand blasting industry domestically (Canada and USA) while TTII supplies these materials on an international level. We supply a wide array of abrasives used for sandblasting and surface preparation; each has their own unique characteristics and uses.

A general overview of the various abrasive materials that TTII currently supplies and ships internationally is noted below; more information on each product is available by selecting the indicated hyperlinks. Examples of additional information available on each are: Uses, Advantages, Physical Properties, Packing, Cautions, Safety, Waste Disposal, Typical Screen Analysis, Typical Chemical Analysis, and MSDS.  **Note:  truck/containerload quantities only please.

Abrasives for Industrial Sandblasting and Surface Preparation

Silica Abrasive

Target Silica Abrasives are high quality, close graded silica sands that are suitable for all applications requiring a high quality, clean, well graded sand.

Aluminum Oxide

Target Brown Aluminum Oxide grits are the most efficient blasting media. It is the fastest cutting product used for industrial blasting and surface preparation, due to its extreme hardness of 9 on a Moh’s scale.

Green Diamond Nickel Slag

Target Green Diamond Abrasive grits are high efficiency blasting grits prepared by selective screening of nickel slag. Each of our available three gradations have a Moh’s hardness of 6.5 – 7, giving improved cutting relative to conventional industrial and silica sands.

Target Garnet

Target Garnet is a naturally occurring almandite garnet, the hardest of all known garnet types. All grades have a Moh’s hardness of 8, with a specific gravity of 4.1. Target Garnet is available in size grades to meet requirements for any project.

**note:  truck/containerload quantities only please.