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RELEASE DATE:  Tuesday March 28th, 2017 8 a.m. est – VANCOUVER, BC

Target Technologies International Inc. (TTII) and Greenplay Organics, LLC are pleased to offer



PFC Proformance Cork is a 100% organic and natural infill that offers a wide range of benefits for synthetic turf systems especially where water availability is at a minimum. PFC Proformance Cork systems offer performance and safety while reducing turf temperatures, GMax and HIC (concussion) ratings of the playing surface.

“Due to a demand from the industry,” John B. Giraud, Managing Director of TTII states “we’re proud to offer PFC Proformance Cork infill.  TTII believes in offering high performance quality infills that are consistent in playability and safety – this natural infill meets these requirements and has been successfully used on FIFA 1 and FIFA 2 projects. PFC Proformance Cork infill, TTII’s Power of the Pad and silica sand is an excellent system we now provide to the industry”.


PFC Proformance Cork is carefully sourced and sorted to provide high quality and consistent natural infill granules in a medium density.  Recent tests have proven that our medium density (140 kg/m3) PFC Proformance Cork far out lasts typical granular cork with densities of 200 kg/m3 or higher (HDC).  The analysis clearly proves that higher density cork granules lose resiliency and mass under stress.  PFC maintains its resiliency and performance characteristics under the same conditions and this is why we offer a ten year warranty to the synthetic turf industry against degradation and performance. With varying requirements for cork we also offer a ‘high-density’ in order to meet any designers’ need for any application.

Our PFC Proformance Cork is truly organic and naturally processed to ensure the purest and most environmentally sound turf infill that will enhance any turf specification and make it more compatible with nature. PFC Proformance Cork is non-flammable, resilient and less abrasive than synthetic infills while 100% recyclable. A good portion can be re-purposed into a replacement field at end of life or into the natural surroundings with no negative environmental impact.

Domenic Carapella, President of GREENPLAY® is pleased to have TTII distributing not only the PFC Performance Cork infill but also the GREENPLAY® Organic Corkonut Infill.  “For the past 44 years TTII has offered quality silica sand North America wide for ballast and infill – it is such a natural fit between our two companies. Our partnership has allowed us to greatly exceed our distribution expectations in the synthetic turf marketplace. ”

In keeping with TTII’s environmental outlook PFC Proformance Cork is compliant with all ecological and environmental parameters because it is produced from natural, pesticide free materials providing a natural resistance to mold and fungus and is 100% recyclable.


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