Quality Assurance Program

TTII Is Dedicated To Quality Products

Target Technologies International (TTII) takes pride in our progressive focus on continually improving our Quality Control (QC) and Assurance program. Throughout the years TTII has worked hard to create a high level of QC standards and policies. We believe this is one of our keys to success as we're sure you'll agree.

TTII Supplies Quality Products

Here at TTII we believe in supplying top quality products to your job sites. We have created a strict quality assurance (TTII Q-CAP) program which includes test procedures that adhere to ASTM Standards; ensuring a quality, uniform and consistent product nationwide.

The TTII QC Team

TTII has a strong QC Team whose mandate is to ensure the products we deliver to you consistently meet and exceed their designated specifications. The TTII QC Team takes quality so seriously that we have created the TTII Quality Control Assurance Program, now referred to simply as the TTII Q-CAP. All of our in-house testing adheres to ASTM Standards, ensuring uniform and consistent results nationwide.

The TTII Q-CAP for the Artificial Sports Field Industry

Quality Crumb Rubber

TTII knows that particle size, distribution, fiber content and bulk density are all very important aspects of crumb rubber quality. Our Crumb Rubber TTII Quality Assurance Team regularly receives and tests samples for size, distribution, fiber and density to ensure you are receiving quality material with the proper yields. Samples are tested from every truck load of material that ships to your project site.

Quality Silica Sand and Gravel

TTII and the Target Group of Companies collectively have been in the sand business for over forty years. We understand that the uniform co-efficiency, particle shape, size and distribution are important aspects involved in determining the quality of silica sand. TTII supplies top quality silica sand and field filtration gravel for artificial sports fields.

Quality and service: the two most important elements at Target Technologies. Let us be your partner in quality; come join our team.


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