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environmentally sound solution for the retirement of your old artificial turf? 





We can now offer a one-of-a-kind solution to recycle 100% of your used artificial turf and turn it into useful post-consumer products keeping it from ending up in our landfills. Not only can the disposal of turf into our landfills be taxing on our environment, it can also be very expensive - our recycling program is price competitive.


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Introducing Target Technologies’ (TTII) Futrfill TPE, synthetic turf infill. With FutrFill you get a completely recyclable/reusable/non-flammable synthetic turf infilling product, ranking it the most sustainable & environmentally conscious infill material on the market today.

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FutrFill TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) is derived from an environmentally inert material that is heavy metal, phthalate, biphenyl A, and vinyl free. The polyethylene-based polymer utilized is the same as used in such diverse applications as heart stents, electrical wire coating, athletic shoes, and many food and beverage containers. The result is a revolutionary infill product. FutrFill maintains the elasticity and compression set of traditional synthetic materials, while emphasizing the sustainability and recyclability that buyers are looking for - with alternate synthetic turf infills. Due to its smooth surface texture FutrFill resists compaction, offers minimal impact on field drainage systems, and is less abrasive to the turf fibers – and to the athletes utilizing the field. Clean in appearance and odor-free, let FutrFill enhance the appearance and value of your next synthetic turf surface.

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Target Technologies FutrFill TPE....the future of synthetic turf infill 


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