TTII COLORBRITE SpectraQuartz with Antimicrobial


COLORBRITE SpectraQuartz is a highly-durable urethane color coated sand with an antimicrobial additive.  Applications for the synthetic turf industry include sport fields, parks, commercial and residential landscaping as well as specialty dry mix products or any other industries a color coated sand can be used.

The sand used is a hard, round grain sand boasting a 0.8 sphericity and 0.8 roundness before the coating.  It’s important to know, it’s the particle shape that determines the sphericity and roundness, not the coating.

The tough urethane coating is designed to stand up to the continual pounding and grinding of athlete’s cleats as well as harsh environments like heavy rain, ice, snow and extreme temperatures.  The UV stabilizer ensures the vibrant color is retained during the full course of its use.  The careful selection of the chemistry ensures safety for the population and the environment.

COLORBRITE SpectraQuartz is available in 4 gradations:  12-20, 16-30, 20-40 and 30-50 and packaged in durable 50 lb plastic bags and in 3000 lb bulk bags.

COLORBRITE is offered in green for synthetic turf and in an array of other colors to suit any other requirements.

COLORBRITE SpectraQuartz Spec Sheet 12-20 & 16-30  

COLORBRITE SpectraQuartz Spec Sheet 20-40 & 30-50

Colorbrite SpectraQuartz Aqueous Test



Distributed by Target Technologies International Inc. &

manufactured by Fairmount Santrol (Covina Corp)


Vivid colors won’t fade or bleed

Highly-durable urethane coating

10 year manufacturer’s color warranty

Thorough and uniform pigmentation

Made of 100% natural rounded sand

UV, chemical and acid resistant

Dispersion technology uses no harsh solvents or caustic chemicals

Bulk Density 99 lbs per cu/ft (+/-) 

  Peace of mind is our commitment to you on all our synthetic turf products