It’s no secret, synthetic turf surfaces can get hot…..real hot!

Even in moderate climates, synthetic turf can reach temperatures of 160°F+ in the summer months.  This can lead to dehydration, heat stroke and increased incidents of skin abrasion.

Attempts to cool down synthetic grass by water alone only reduces the temperature for a short period of time.  Within 30 minutes the temperature has crept back up to uncomfortable and dangerous levels.

Many attempts made to significantly lower the temperature with different turf systems or infills have failed.

T°Cool™ is the Solution

T°Cool™ is a Synthetic Turf Cooling with BacShield antimicrobial solution that works on the principle of evaporative cooling.  The T°Cool™ solution cools down synthetic turf by 30° to 50°F.

Similar to how natural grass blades transpire or how the body sweats to regulate temperature, when solar energy heats the synthetic turf surface, stored moisture within the T°Cool™ system absorbs heat energy and drastically reduces the surface temperature up to 50°F.

T°Cool™ works in many applications:

Sport Fields

Commercial Landscape

Golf Courses

Parks and Recreation


Residential Applications

Dog Runs (BacShield eliminates odors!) 

Volleyball Courts

Often in pet turf applications highly porous minerals are used to  absorb ammonia but eventually each particle reaches its  saturation point similar to cat litter and can’t do what it was  intended to do any longer.

Now T°Cool™ with BacShield antimicrobial and deodorizer, you no longer have to worry about offensive odors nor do you need to replace infill.  T°Cool™ only requires re-application every 3 to 4 years.


T°Cool™ Needs a Water Source

As the synthetic turf is watered T°Cool™ stores the moisture.

As the temperature increases the moisture is slowly released cooling the synthetic turf surface through natural evaporation.

T°Cool™ works best in the summer months when the sun is at its hottest.  As more heat is absorbed the more the cooling effect is released.

A ¼” watering can keep the turf cool for several days dependent on specific conditions

T°Cool™ Coated Sands and Color Coated Sands

T°Cool™ sands are the most sought after due to the sand being highly rounded with 0.8 roundness and 0.8 sphericity

Sands are available in T°Cool™ coated and T°Cool™ green color coated

12-20, 16-30, 20-40 and 30-50 gradations available in 50 lb and 3000 lb bags


T°Cool™ can easily and precisely be applied using:

  • a back-pack sprayer for smaller applications
  • a tote-sprayer for medium to large applications
  • specialized automated “ride-on” equipment that will bring up the infill, coat it and groom it back down is available for sport-field applications

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