Target Technologies International Inc. with our partner Poly-Pacific Inc. offer a specialized, one-of-a-kind solution to recycle 100% of your used artificial turf and turn it into useful post-consumer products keeping it from ending up in our landfills. Not only can the disposal of turf into our landfills be taxing on our environment, it can also be very expensive – our recycling program is very price competitive. 

Even with regular maintenance, synthetic turf sport fields typically last 7 – 10 years before they need to be replaced. With hundreds of fields being removed each year, the problem is mounting with each passing year. Our program offers an option that can give field and home owners a sense of pride that the footprint they’ve left behind is in the form of useful, reusable products.

Our system converts 100% of the synthetic turf (backing and fibers) and turns them into building products like posts, planks, lumber and irrigation pipe just to name a few (see below for more information). Any residual infill left behind in the turf is cleaned and reused.   Once all material has been recycled, a Certificate of Compliance is issued confirming we have fully met our commitment to convert the material into useful post-consumer products.

TTII is pleased to state we follow new guidelines put forth by the STC as per below

as well follow guidelines put forth by FIFA

STC Guideline for Recycle Reuse_2017

John B. Giraud, Managing Director of TTII along with Thomas Lam of Poly-Pacific, Inc. met with the principals of the recycling facility September 2017 in Malaysia.  John completed a comprehensive tour of the plant and was very pleased with the facility and of the entire recycling process of turning old synthetic turf into highly sellable posts.  The plant formerly in Johor relocated in August to a spacious 2 acre facility in Kuala Lumpur to accommodate the ever growing number of tons of used turf being processed every month.


Unlike wooden or metal posts that are rigid, our posts are meant to be flexible even when set into cement.  Our posts can be nailed, screwed, drilled, stapled, cut or sawed.   Our posts don’t attract insects or absorb water and are designed to be environmentally friendly as our “heat and pressure” extrusion method processes 100% of the turf without separation.  During this process, any toxicity is burned off or absorbed by the polyethylene fiber which now becomes inseparable by physical means resulting in our building products being free of any leachates.   Our process is exempt from regulations as per 40 CFR 261 (e) (1) (i).  Under normal use, our standard posts carry a limited warranty of 400 years.


Nailer Boards

We currently offer two sizes of nailer boards, 1.5″ x 1.5″ and 1.5″ x 3.5″ with standard lengths of 6′ and 8′.  (Dimensions noted above are the industry standard 2×2’s and 2×4’s.)

Fence Posts

Round post sizes are 4″ x 7′ and 5″ x 8′.  Square posts are 4″ x 4″ x 8′.

Boards come in 1” x 6” or 1” x 8” in 8’ or 14’ lengths

For a quotation on the pick-up and recycling of your artificial turf or container pricing of our post-consumer building products in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia simply click on the link below

TTII can provide a quotation within 24 -72 hours of your request, dependent on location.

Are you an architect?  Click on the link below for our specification sheet

Specification Sheet for Architectural Firms