TTII ProFormance Cork (PFC)

TTII ProFormance Cork (PFC) –  this unique, stand-alone cork infill, available exclusively through TTII or Greenplay is a high-durability, high-performance cork that has been successfully utilized in hot, cold and wet climates across Europe and North America.  Cork does not absorb water so dries very quickly after heavy rains.

TTII ProFormance Cork (PFC) is truly organic and naturally processed to ensure the purest and most environmentally sound turf infill that will enhance any turf specification and make it more compatible with nature. PFC ProFormance Cork is non-flammable, resilient and less abrasive than synthetic infills while 100% recyclable. A good portion can be re-purposed into a replacement field at end of life or into the natural surroundings with no negative environmental impact.

**When specified our proprietary PFC Cork is available to all bidders**

What’s really great about this product?

♦    You need LESS per sq. ft. than high-density corks     ♦

With a typical 2″ turf you would need 3/4 lb per sq. ft.

compared to 1 lb per sq. ft. of high density cork


100% Naturally organic

Percolates 50% more water than a high density cork

Highly durable

Non toxic 

No odor    

Enhanced Gmax for safety

Reduced turf temperatures     

Low abrasiveness     

Resistant to compaction 

A good portion can be repurposed into a replacement field 

100% recyclable into nature 

Will not harbor bacteria   

Works exceptionally well in all climates

Non Flammable

10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

PFC Cork Specification Sheet

PFC Cork Warranty

Recent tests have proven that our medium density (140 kg/m3) PFC granular cork far out lasts typical granular cork with densities of 200 kg/m3 or higher (HDC).

Sports Labs USA was commissioned to perform a modified LA Abrasion test to show the different amount of breakdown of both medium and high density cork.  Both density samples were subjected to 1000 revolutions within the LA Abrasion machine.

LA Abrasion Infill Durability Comparison

PFC experienced minimal deformation of only 0.2 mm of the finer particles with a bulk density increase of only 5 kg/m3. HDC experienced additional deformation of 0.5 mm of the most important larger particles with a bulk density increase of 65 kg/m3

This analysis clearly proves that higher density cork granules lose resiliency and mass under stress.  PFC maintains its resiliency and performance characteristics under the same condition and why we offer a ten year warranty against degradation and performance.

The recent Lisport test conducted between PFC ProFormance Cork and high density cork (HDC) clearly shows PFC superiority netting higher shock absorption values, lower impact attenuation or Gmax values, lower rotational resistance values, a higher infiltration rate, high vertical deformation values and lower energy return values after 20,000 cycles of Lisport simulated wear.

PFC HDC Lisport Test Report

◦ Material is packaged in 750 pound bags on pallets ◦

◦ 24 pallets per container – 18,000 lbs total ◦

◦ Current lead time is 8-10 weeks ◦

 Which would you rather choose for your sports fields?

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