Keep your synthetic turf surfaces cool with


Over the years, the general public has been very concerned about athletes, children and pets playing on surfaces that generate heat

Cool-lite Zeolite makes the surface of the turf cool to the touch

This product is 100% environmentally safe.  This is the only zeolite in North America that is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation International

(NSF 61 for drinking or potable water)

There are no harmful metals to worry about! 

Meets California’s Prop 65




This product is odorless, off white in color with a

thermal stability of 1202°F (650° C) and a melting point of 1800° F

Cool-lite Zeolite has a specific gravity of 2.2 – 2.4 which means

it does not float, unlike some other infills in the market


Cool-lite Zeolite is a clinoptilolite which adsorbs ammonia – that’s right ‘adsorbs’.  Our product absorbs water and adsorbs ammonia.

There is a big difference between absorb and adsorb. Absorption is a physical process: Water is absorbed on a sponge and can be squeezed out again. Adsorption occurs on the molecular level


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TTII Cool-Lite Zeolite Data Sheet 2015

TTII Cool-Lite Zeolite Chemical Analysis