Cryogenic Crumb Rubber

Cryogenic crumb rubber (cryo) is one of the two categories of in-fill crumb rubber used in the artificial/synthetic sports field industry. Target Technologies International (TTII) is pleased to have added cryogenic crumb rubber, to its expanding synthetic turf infill product mix. Cryogenic crumb rubber production was first introduced in the 1990's, as a ways and means of reducing the number of processes involved in crumb rubber manufacturing. The typical cryogenic process involves freezing larger rubber “chips” with the application of liquid nitrogen. From here the chips enter a high speed hammer mill, where they are smashed into a number of different particle sizes. This efficient process also removes the fiber and steel from the chips. Upon exiting the hammer mill chamber the pieces are then dried and screened into various sizes.

Target Technologies' cryogenic granules are a high quality, ready-to-use crumb rubber for your synthetic turf infill application. While cryogenic processing adds additional freezing costs, some consider this type of crumb rubber to offer strategic advantages in sports field construction and design. Whatever the requirements for your artificial/synthetic sports field, Target Technologies has the right product for you.

Plant Locations

Northwest (Update Nov. 2011 - Northwest location not available)
Target Technologies is proud of its long-term, exclusive association with vendor partner – Alberta Environmental Rubber Products (AERP.) Strategically located in Edmonton, Alberta, AERP has produced some of the highest quality ambient-grind crumb rubber products for the synthetic grass industry. Now, with the recent opening of its state-of-the-art cryogenic processing facility – AERP is poised to expand into the specialized synthetic turf infilling market of cryogenic crumb rubber.
Offering standard infill sizing of 10-14 mesh and 14-30 mesh, AERP’s cryogenic plant is located along one of North America’s most vibrant shipping lanes. When coupled with the facility’s ample storage capacity, this means truckload quantities of cryogenic synthetic turf infill crumb rubber will be available when you need it - & at highly competitive pricing.
For direct-to-site price quotations on truckload quantities OF cryogenic crumb rubber from AERP, please Contact Us.
TTII’s cryogenic crumb rubber partner in Missouri can effectively service your Midwest and eastern requirements – for artificial turf infill. Also offering a choice of 10-14 and (limited) 14-30 mesh, this plant offers quality material --- and competitive logistics arrangements.
For direct-to-site price quotations on truckload quantities of cryogenic crumb rubber for the Midwest region, please Contact Us.
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